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We are aircraft professionals with 20+ years experience:

  • Buying, selling, trade - fixed and rotor wing
  • Valuation and appraisal - aircraft and aviation businesses
  • Import and export
  • International delivery
  • Aircraft ownership and flying

Hangar247 is a digital classifieds based aviation marketing platform that connects aircraft owners, operators, agents, brokers and dealers worldwide.

We are the only digital aviation classifieds company in the world that are also experienced aviation valuers.


That we either are, or have been (ret), associated during our history; 

  • AIA - Aviation Industry Association (ret)
  • NZIPMV - NZ Institute of Plant & Machinery Valuers (ret)
  • SAA - Sport Aircraft Association (ret)
  • AOPA - Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association
  • NZHGPA - NZ Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association

Global online digital aviation marketplace
Hangar247 is not biased towards only one industry sector or market/continental region. 

We are not just another digital media company
Our foundations are in the business of owning, trading and delivering aircraft internationally.
We are experienced pilots and aircraft owners, we know precisely what information that aircraft buyers look for.

Mission critical delivery of information
Positive viewer experience is everything.
Our business is advertising aeroplanes and helicopters, our listings are free of other general Google advertising clutter.

We provide aviation valuations
We are the only aviation classifieds company in the world industry accredited to do this.

Responsive is our reputation
New listings are moderated and published promptly
Any issues with updating or removing any listing are resolved immediately
'SOLD' listed are promptly removed

Only high quality listings - because there are only two things that count in this business;
All listings need to meet the highest standard possible - so that our viewers/buyers remains interested.
As a direct result of having viewers/buyers interested - our advertisers receive value for money.


We do business is 100+ countries, the top 50 are:
Argentina - Australia - Austria - Belgium - Brazil - Bulgaria - Canada - Chile - Colombia - Costa Rica - Croatia - Czechia - Denmark - Ecuador - Estonia - France - Germany - Greece - Hungary - Indonesia - Italy - Jamaica - Japan - Kenya - Lithuania - Malaysia - Mexico - Netherlands - New Zealand - Nigeria - Norway - Papua New Guinea - Peru - Philippines - Poland - Portugal - Puerto Rico - Romania - Singapore - Slovenia - Spain - South Africa - Sweden - Switzerland - Thailand - Turkey - Uganda - UK - USA - Venezuela


Digital marketing is the most effective way get any aircraft in front of buyers;
Instant and global service in real time
Competitive, considerably more bang for buck.
Few word or image limits
Any updates are communicated to market immediately
Fast and effective search tools


1999  Southern Aircraft Sales was founded by Mr Justin P. Sollitt on a part time basis in Christchurch, New Zealand.  The business emanated from Justin's lifelong passion for aviation, flying and a reputation for entrepreneurship.

2003  The business was incorporated and with considerable full time entrepreneurial drive Southern Aircraft Sales Ltd (SASL) quickly became a leading aviation brokerage, valuation and light aircraft leasing business in the Australasia / Pacific region.

2004  Aircraft valuations were added to SASL professional business services. 

2005  International aircraft delivery was added to the aircraft brokerage services.

2009  SASL affiliation to the NZ Institute of Plant and Machinery Valuers

2012  Classified adverts were added to SASL business services in tandem with the traditional aircraft brokerage.

2013  Traditional brokerage services ceased in favour of classified advertising.

2017  Hangar247 digital classifieds platform commenced development.

2018  Hangar247 platform goes live.

"Southern Aircraft Sales commenced in 1999 and it is best known for breaking the mould of traditional aircraft and helicopter dealerships in the Australasia / Pacific region, by pioneering an aviation brokerage that operated purely online, at a time when the internet was in its infancy and the words 'Google' and 'e-commerce' were largely unheard of."

"Back in the late 1990's websites were very much the poor cousin to traditional sale yards and print advertising right across the transport industry.  What SASL was doing then was considered very avant-garde - yet today our original model is now the global industry standard and SASL is known worldwide."