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Terms & Conditions

With respect to this Hangar247 website owned and operated in New Zealand by Southern Aircraft Sales Ltd.  (NZCo 1344648) ("SASL"), supported by our Technology Alliance Partner Origin Creative.

Anyone viewing this website does so pursuant to the following Terms & Conditions. By browsing, using or downloading any material published on Hangar247, you agree in full to these Terms and Conditions.

1. Hangar247 is an online paid classified advertising platform that connects buyers to sellers in the global aviation market.
2. Hangar247 is never involved in the negotiation or transaction between the buyer and seller.
3. Hangar247 does not offer advice with respect any airplane or helicopter suitability, flight performance, technical compliance or valuation/market pricing.
(The only exception is where Southern Aircraft Sales Ltd provides advice to customers on the basis of independent paid consultancy. Any such advice or recommendation remains completely independent of Hangar247.)

4. Copyright 1999-2022 © Southern Aircraft Sales Ltd. All rights reserved. All text, graphic images, logos, conceptual layouts, videos, website code/software is proprietary to SASL.
5. Any listing that displays images depicting a copyright mark are used with SASL prior permission of the owner, or all reasonable efforts are made prior by SASL to gain prior copyright holders permission to use. SASL does not purport to hold proprietary rights to these images.  
6. All information directly relating to the business of SASL including: Company names, trademarks, logos, graphics, conceptual layouts and photos contained in this website, including code/software, remain at all times the intellectual property of SASL and may not be copied or reproduced in any way.

7. Any published material may be downloaded or printed from this website by the viewer for their own personal use for the purpose of facilitating a sale or purchase. No material may be used in any form (printed or electronic) for other commercial or promotional purposes.

8. All advertising content submitted to Hangar247 remains subject to our standard vetting and moderation process prior to publication.
9. Any monies paid in advance for an advert does constitute a binding contractual acceptance and commitment from SASL that we will publish the material as received prior to vetting. In the unlikely event that Hangar247 cannot accept or agree on the advertising content to be published, SASL will provide a full refund.
10. Hangar247 reserves the right to moderate, update or remove any objectionable advert content without notice.

11. All information on this website including (but not limited to) descriptions, specifications, particulars and images of any airplane or helicopter listing are as provided by the owner/seller/agent/dealer.
12. Hangar247 makes every reasonable effort to ensure that all information published is factual, accurate, relevant and that it is regularly kept current.
13. Hangar247 reserves the right to moderate, update or remove any listing content without notice.

14. Hangar247 gives no warranty as to the accuracy of any information published.
15. All information published is current only to the date of posting.
16. Because aircraft can often remain in service while they are being advertised for sale, any specifications published can quickly become out of date. Therefore all information published is subject to the buyer’s independent verification, including full and proper technical and commerical due diligence prior to committing to any purchase.
17. Hangar247 will not be held liable for any damages (financial or otherwise) resulting from any failure of a buyer to undertake either;
(a) Their own independent inspection and test flight.
(b) Full and proper technical and commercial due diligence that includies aircraft suitability, flight performance, fit for purpose, civil aircraft register, engineering compliance and serviceability.

18. All published asking prices are at the direction of the owner/seller. This includes where any seller has sought independent pre-sale valuation advice via Southern Aircraft Sales Ltd.

19. Hangar247 reserves the right to validate or update any users login access. Any updates will be communicated directly to the user.
20. Hangar247 reserves the right to restrict, suspend or cancel any users login access, based on a user either abusing or violating our standard terms and conditions or that any listings are the basis of malicious or fraudulent intent.  

21. By viewing this website you do so at your own risk.
22. Neither Hangar247, SASL or Origin Creative will be held liable for any loss, damages or disruption through the use of this website caused in any way by either (and not limited to): PC terminal or internal software failure, external virus, telecommunications or electricity network failure or web service provider failure.

Any issues arising concerning these T+C should be directed to:
Southern Aircraft Sales Ltd. (t/a Hangar247)
PO Box 503
Warkworth 0941
Auckland, New Zealand


1. Hangar247 remains committed to the privacy of everyone who uses this site and does business with us.

2. Any information collected about user/customers of the Hangar247 website by will be treated by Hangar247 as private and confidential and will be managed to at least the same degree of security and care that Hangar247 manages its own commercial information and that we would expect anyone else to manage our own information.

3. Whilst Hangar247 retains user information as a function of running this website, we will never otherwise disclose, share or sell any user information, unless the information is requested by the person or entity that the information directly relates to.

4. Whilst Hangar247 may add its user contact details to our direct email and mobile phone databases, the user will always be given a simple ‘opt out’ or 'unsubscribe' option to enable them to be quickly removed from such a list if they wish.