Hangar 247 Support

Frequently asked Questions

How long has Hangar 247 been active?
Hangar 247 has been live since May 2017.
However most people worldwide will know the business by its parent company Southern Aircraft Sales Ltd that was established in 1999.

Where is Hangar 247 located?
We are based in Warkworth, New Zealand. 
Post the COVID-19 lockdowns we no longer operate our office in Australia.

Are Hangar 247 aircraft brokers?
No. Hangar 247 is a digital platform that sells fixed fee classified advertising.

Hangar 247 are on the other side of the world - will I get good support? 
There is no geography in digital business. 
No matter if you are based next door, or on the other side of the world, the service is the same.

Can I contact Hangar247 at anytime?
Yes, however email is the fastest and most efficent means of contacting us by email support@hangar247.net 
How long do you take to respond to general enquiries?
Most enquiries are normally responded to within 30 minutes, including on weekends and public holidays.

Can I contact Hangar247 about an aircraft I am interested in about?
No. Please place your enquiry direct with the seller/broker/dealer via the 'contact the seller' link displayed on each listing.

What is required to register as a user? 
All you need is a valid email address.
The process is free of charge and there is no approval delay.

Can I load my own advert?
Yes, as long as you have registered as a user on Hangar247.

How quickly before the advert appears live?
Moderated adverts will normally appear within 15 minutes of adverts being loaded.

Can I change or update the advert myself?
Yes, at any time and as often as you require. 

Can I hide the aircraft tail and serial numbers from listings?
Yes, just click this option when loading the listing information and these details will not appear.
You will also need to load the photos with the tail number blanked out.

For all listings that require the tail/serial numbers to remain confidential - we still require you to provide this information to be able to place a listing, as this ensures that any aircraft or helicopter can only be listed once.

What is the cost to register as a user?
Free of charge.

What is the cost to advertise on Hangar 247?
> Basic adverts are free
> Premium listings are USD$49  fee until sold.
> Brokers and dealers normally operate under a custom package specifically tailored to suit their business, and this is priced on application.
> There is no commission on sales or any other Hangar247 services.

How do I pay?
Simply pay online via your credit/debit card or PayPal account.

How do I make payment online?
Pay online via your credit card.
Hangar247 accepts all cards including VISA/Mastercard/Amex/Diners, from any country.

Are my credit card details secure on Hangar247?
Yes. All our online payments are facilitated through global online payments facilitator PayPal.
Hangar247 does not retain any customer credit card details.

The seller will not return contact, despite repeated communications?
Please notify us and we will also attempt to make contact with the seller.
Hangar247 makes every effort to ensure that listings are suspended/removed where the seller remains unresponsive.

Can Hangar247 enforce sale terms agreed but later reneged on, by either the buyer or seller?
No. We do not get directly involved at all in the negotiations/contractual/transactional detail between buyer and seller.
Buyers and sellers always enter negotiations at their own risk.

Can you provide a valuation or recommendation on the asking price for a listing?
Yes, although this is provided independently on a paid consultancy basis through our parent company Southern Aircraft Sales Ltd.
Hangar247 does not provide an informal commentary from the side line on aircraft asking prices.
Can you provide a sales agreement?
Yes we can, although this is provided independently on a paid consultancy basis through our parent company Southern Aircraft Sales Ltd.