Nanchang Syndicate - North Shore based. Looking for 1-2 more syndicate members

$ 15,000 New Zealand Dollars -
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Nanchang Syndicate - North Shore based. Looking for 1-2 more syndicate members.

Fly you and your mates in this brilliant old Warbird flying for less $/hr than a C-172 and 20 kts faster. Experience 9 cylinders, 10.2L of supercharged radial noise and 285 hp with a fully aerobatic 360 KPH aircraft that is capable of +6 OR -3G if you need it. Flying cost and complexity similar to any lighty with gear and constant speed prop. Harmony in 3 axis, easy aircraft to fly and land in, 250m TO 350m LNDG.

Up to 3x Nanchangs are flying in Auckland, 1 in Waikato. 1/2 a dozen further south. NSAC instructors can rate you.

This original Nanchang CJ6a aircraft has been flying on the NZ register for over a decade, Along with Yak 52's these are one of the best bang for buck pilot, petrol and maintenance friendly genuine warbirds money can buy although not quite as aerobatic as a Yak its a lot easier on the eye and the pocket. Its definitely less of a workout on the stick.

Aircraft is now available for viewing/test flight at North shore aero-club in Auckland.
See this bird fly via: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q16MYFYJWhM

Price includes GST (if applicable)


Good glass

Exterior Condition - / 10

Not Available

Interior Condition - / 10

Not Available

Glass Condition - / 10

Not Available
FEATURES & Equipment
  • Smoke System
  • Aircraft Cover
  • Spare Headsets
  • Tookit
  • Towbar
  • Tug for Towing
  • USA mains tyres
Airframe Details

4,400 Hrs

Engine & Propeller Details
Engine 1 Propeller 1
Type 9 Cylinder Supercharged Radial --
Hours since new 1,092 --
Hours since major overhaul -- --
Hours to run -- --
Engine Notes

1800 hours TBO

Maintenance Notes

Full Maintenance schedule available on request

Avionic Equipment
  • GPS
  • Western Avionics

Analog Avionics being updated


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1/7th Share is up for sale. North Shore based.
Monthly fixed costs to cover hangar insurance and annual approx $150 per month.

  • Registered New Zealand Flag
  • Registration ZK-CVI
  • Serial 3632001
  • Year 1986
  • Make Nanchang
  • Model CJ-6A
  • Airframe TTSN 4,400 hours
  • Country New Zealand Flag
  • City Auckland
Open location in Google Maps

Private Seller ZK-CVI

New Zealand

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