1996 PIPER PA-46 Malibu Mirage

Zero time engine just installed - in fantastic condition, nothing to spend for years.

$ 550,000 Australian Dollars -
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Zero time engine just installed in the NT, and machine flown back to Wagga Wagga.

Pressurised aircraft is in fantastic condition, nothing to spend for years.
Second owner - first was in the Netherlands. Always hangared, Complete log books from new.

25,000’ ceiling - 29" 2500 rpm - 23 gal per hour fuel consumption. Plan 185 kts and generally achieve it.

Price is plus GST if sold in Australia


Original 1996 fit-out. Leather is in fair condition, and pleasant cabin fragrance.
Windows are in very good clear condition,

Exterior Condition - 8 / 10

Interior Condition - 8 / 10

Glass Condition - 8 / 10

FEATURES & Equipment
  • Air Conditioning
  • De-ice Equipped
  • Seats all have Arm Rests
  • Headset Jacks, light and air are at fingertips
  • 2x Bose headsets included
  • Cabin fire extinguisher
  • Malibu Aerospace LED Taxi wing lights
  • Relief tube
  • Landing w/AeroLED sunspot 36HX
  • Window Blinds
  • Writing Table
  • Petrol Powered Hangar Tow
  • 420 Litre Fuel
  • 574 kg Useful load
Airframe Details

1,935 Hrs

Engine & Propeller Details
Engine 1 Propeller 1
Type Lycoming TIO-540AE2A Hartzell 2 Blade CSU
Hours since new 14 --
Hours since major overhaul 14 24
Hours to run 1,987 --
Engine Notes

Zero time/overhauled engine - completed in Jandakot

Propeller Notes

Propeller overhauled in Jan 2017
Polished Spinner

Maintenance Notes

Complete log books from new.
Jan 2017: all cables and hoses replaced, all hoses and Suction Pumps renewed.
September 100 hourly completed.

Avionic Equipment
  • IFR Equipped
  • Co-Pilot Instruments
  • HIS: King KI-525
  • DME: King KN-63
  • GPS: Garmin GNS-530 (Non WAAS)
  • Auto: King KFC-150 IFCS
  • Altimeter King KEA-130 encoding
  • Nav Radios: Garmin GNS -530
  • Coms Radios: Garmin GNS-530
  • Coms Radios: King KX-165TSO
  • ADF: King KR-87
  • RMI: King KI-227
  • Stormscope: L3 WX-500
  • Transponder: King KT-73 Mode S
  • Flight Director: King KFC-150 IFCS
  • Weather Radar: Honeywell RDR-2000
  • Navigation Radios: King KX-165TSO
  • Avidyne 600 - GPS, Charts, DAPS, Radar
  • 6 cylinder CHT
  • 6 place Intercom
  • Non ADS-B until February 2020.
  • King KMA-24 Audio panel
  • Nav 1-2 switching for DME


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  • Registered Australia Flag
  • Registration VH-UWM
  • Serial 4636022
  • Year 1996
  • Make Piper
  • Model PA-46 Malibu Mirage
  • Airframe TTSN 1,935 hours
  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Country Australia Flag
  • City Wagga Wagga, NSW
Open location in Google Maps
Andrew Irvine

Private Seller VH-UWM


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